Sunday, March 29, 2020

What Alice Forgot

People have been telling me for ages to read this book and I'm so mad that I waited so long to! It was wonderful! I couldn't put it down. The premise was unique and really make readers think about the last decade of their lives. Alice Love suffers a severe concussion at the gym and wakes up concerned for her baby. She's 29 and pregnant with her first baby. She's madly in love with her husband. Imagine her shock when she finds out she's actually almost 40, she has three kids AND she and Nick are in the middle of a really nasty divorce. What happened in the past decade? She discovers that she's turned into a person who she's not sure she likes or recognizes anymore. The amnesia can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how she handles it. Clever, witty, heartfelt, and wonderful. Besides Alice's rediscovery if her missing years, we also get two smaller story-lines that focus on Elizabeth (Alice's infertile sister) and Frannie (their adopted grandmother who may finally be finding a love of her own in the nursing homes). A must read!

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