Sunday, March 29, 2020

Distant Shores

This is one of those books that I would probably appreciate a lot more in ten years. It's the story of a marriage slowly falling apart at the seams and a woman who finds herself "passionless" and tired of waiting around for "her turn." Her husband was a promising NFL quarterback who blew out his knee and became addicted to pain-pills. Over the years he's worked his way up being a sports newscaster  for different tv stations around the country. As a result she and her two kids have had to move houses time and again. Once they move into a beach cottage by Portland, Oregon he promises her they are done moving. And she's glad. She loves the view, the house. Their two daughters are in college on the east coast. Everything is going fine. Until her husband finally gets a big break and a huge new job in New York. Without consulting her. He's just so used to Birdie doing what he wants, that he never questions what SHE wants. Can their marriage weather this storm? Can she keep her dream home and rediscover her passions? Perfectly ok story. Ups and downs of a relationship. I think Kristin Hannah's newer stuff is a little more exciting.

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