Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Numb to This

Searing, emotional, and unforgettable - this graphic memoir is a look at one girls experience as a survivor of a mass shooting. It's violating, scary, and alters every bit of your life. Numb to this shows the day to day realities, the numbness, the disbelief, the ever present depression and anxiety - but it circles back to hope. It's very personal, tragic, and eye opening - it's also extremely timely with the increasing number of gun violence in America. Written as both a healing balm and a way to reach many who are going through the same struggles - this book is eye opening for all. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Bodyguard

Laugh out loud and adorable - this romcom would be great on the big screen. It had great chemistry between the characters, a unique storyline, and amazing banter. Hannah Brooks may not look like a professional bodyguard, but don't let that fool you - she's been hired out all over the world to protect the wealthy elite. When she is put on assignment to guard Jack Stapleton, one of the biggest names in Hollywood she is pissed. Hannah has just been dumped and she wants an escape - she wants to go overseas and get the hell out of dodge - not stay right where she is and guard some celebrity hot shot. Despite her misgivings she goes on assignment - there is a catch though - she'll need to pose as Jack's girlfriend to fool his family. What could possibly go wrong? Sweet and fun - I loved it!

To the Stars Through Difficulties

A cast of unlikely women find themselves banding together in Kansas to save the arts. Angelina has travelled to Kansas to FINALLY finish her dissertation on Carnegie libraries - with any luck she'll finish it by the time she turns 40 - only a few months away. She is hoping she will be inspired by revisiting her grandmother's hometown. Traci has fled New York to pursue an artist residency at the New Hope cultural center. She lied on her credentials, but how else is she going to find a free place to live? Now only if she can convince these quilters and rowdy teens to get on board with her "unique" art. Last but not least is Gayle, she is suffering from PTSD since a tornado wiped out her town and her home. Travelling to the New Hope cultural Center to quilt and talk is about the only thing that keeps her going. These outsiders to town will find out that they all have a shared love of community and will go to astonishing links to preserve it. 

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Remarkably Bright Creatures

Oh my goodness. I adored this book so much. It was beautiful, unique, and so captivating. I loved all the characters from the smarty pants octopus, Marcellus to the stuck in her ways Swedish widow, Tova - they all felt so human and so alive. Marcellus may be in captivity but he's no dummy - he observes everyone - and quite possibly his favorite human he sees in the aquarium is the little old woman who comes in at night to clean. Tova at least talks to him. When an interesting new character comes to town, a 30 year old with seemingly no life ambitions or gumption - the grouchy old octopus makes a connection and determines that he will spend his final days trying to bring Tova happiness - even if it's the last thing he does. Charming and cute. I can't stop thinking about this book. A wonderful debut novel. 

Thursday, November 17, 2022


The Fargo Adventures series really has its ups and downs. I enjoyed the last book tremendously and this one wasn't even close in comparison. It felt choppy and just when you think it's going to be a fun pirate adventure it turns out it's all about Robin Hood - scratch that - King John's treasure. It was also shorter than the last few and just felt less developed. Giving this series a pause for now but I plan to come back. I do like the treasure hunting duo - I just need a breather. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2022


I wish this was longer or part of a short story collection! I would have probably rated it higher had it been a little more fleshed out or part of a collection - but alas - I will take my Madeline Miller where I can get it. Galatea reimagines the myth of Galatea and Pygmalion. A sculptor creates the most beautiful woman and wishes she were alive. When she awakens she is immediately impregnated finds out that life is not meant for her. It is all controlled by the sculptor. She is locked away and kept in constant supervision by doctors and nurses who drug her. But she knows what she wants and that is her daughter. She may have been made of stone - but her heart beats for one thing only and that is her daughter. 

Revenge of the Librarians

This collection of cartoons is perfect for authors, librarians, and book lovers. Legitimately funny and eccentric - this collection of cartoons give glimpses into the minds of writers, re-works book titles, laughs at the critics and so much more. A bibliophile's delight. 

The Letter from Briarton Park

There was some gothic vibes, but really this was a Regency romance that focused on uncovering family secrets and trying to find a place in the world. Cassandra Hale grew up never knowing her parents, but knowing that she was valued as a pupil and then a teacher in her girl's school. When her mentor confesses on her deathbed that she knew who her parents were and had withheld a letter with information to her past, Cassandra is incensed. How could she hide that from her?! The letter is from Briarton Park and states that the sender would like to talk about her past. When Cassandra arrives she discovers that the sender of the letter and owner of the estate has been dead for two years. But at least she knows she is closer to answers. The Vicar of the town is most attentive to her and wants to help her uncover her past, as is the current occupant of Briarton Park, a widower with two beautiful children. Is romance on the horizon and if so, with whom? A solid inspirational read. 

The Forever Farmhouse

Bestselling romance author, Lee Tobin McClain, pens a new heartwarming romance series, kicking it off with The Forever Farmhouse. Ryan Hastings hasn’t come back to Teaberry island much since he left for college, but when he gets word that his foster mother isn’t coping well after the death of her husband he decides to bring his research with him and come back to the place where he left his heart. Mellie Anderson, was more than the girl next door, she was Ryan’s first and only love. Like his foster mother, she is widowed, but has a ten-year-old son and seems to be doing just fine. But the reality is, she is not coping well being in such close proximity with her son’s father. Although he is an esteemed scientist, Ryan isn’t very good with dates and has no idea that he fathered a child, something Mellie is fine with him never knowing. But as they start to gravitate towards each other again and Ryan starts to fall back in love with the island and with her – secrets are bound to come out. Narrated calmly and expertly by Tanya Eby who breathes life into the small-town Chesapeake Island community. Extremely slow moving and filled with every inspirational trope imaginable, this audio is only recommended for those who like their romances to be all fluff and no substance. 

Thursday, November 10, 2022

After Dark with Roxie Clark

A great sophomore novel from teen author, Brooke Lauren Davis. Roxie Clark is obsessed with the macabre, she's the weird outcast of her high school because of her gothic witchy style, but that doesn't stop he from being her weird little self. She runs a ghost tour in the evenings and gets to share all the weird stories she's uncovered at the library about the untimely deaths of her ancestors. Roxie has seen three dead bodies - but it's only the third one that haunts her - her sister's boyfriend and her best friend's brother, Colin. She doesn't include that tale on her tours - it's still too new and too fresh. But at least he's coping. Her sister hasn't hardly gotten out of bed in a year - what finally gets her moving is a surprise to them both and the chain of events it starts will answer some long buried questions and turn everything they thought they knew upside down. Slow build up - but the end was a surprise. Love this author!

Monday, November 7, 2022

You Should Sit Down for This

Very meh and unexciting for a celebrity memoir. It's wholesome and fine - but nothing you will remember once you turn the final page. I picked this up on a whim at my local library and I'm not mad that I did - I think I would love meeting Tamera in real life, but it just wasn't... anything to write home about. I'm not saying it needed to be salacious or a tell all - and I applaud her for keeping it true to her self - but it wasn't anything that needed to be written about. I was surprised how little her sister was mentioned it, but that was about it. Not horrible, just very unmemorable. 

Sign Here

I loved the concept and it totally reminded me of Satan Loves You by Grady Hendrix. It was a unique and inventive spin on hell as we know it and offers an interesting perspective on the innerworkings of Satan's playground. Peyote has a coveted job on the fifth level of hell - which considered to the centuries spent even lower below - it's a cakewalk. Pey has to get desperate humans to sign on the dotted line to spend eternity in hell. It's pretty easy all things considered; humans will trade away their souls for a do-over, for a chance at love, for anything really. But when a new girl comes into the office Pey realizes that some things are about to change and he can't let this girl get in the way of his ultimate plan. Told from alternating perspectives in hell and on earth - this book was a fun ride and I never knew how it would end up. Super inventive and fun!