Friday, March 31, 2023

Feed Them Silence

Imagine experiencing the world through an animals eyes; feeling their heightened senses, their reflexes, their instincts, and their hunger. Dr. Sean Kell-Ludden doesn't have to imagine anymore. In this near future novella; Sean uses a neurological interface to experience first hand what it's like being a wolf in the wild. It's all new scientific research and despite objections from her wife - Sean can't stop obsessing over her project. Soon, the only thing she looks forward to is getting to the lab so she can "log on" and become one with her wolf. Stalking prey, running through the woods, smelling nature, and being with the pack doesn't seem trivial when you're experiencing it "first-hand." As Sean continues to lose herself in her work, her relationship with her wife deteriorates and she starts to lose the trust of her team. Is Sean even trying to collect data anymore? Is she just trading one pack for another? Exceptionally narrated by Natalie Naudus, who flawlessly conveys the growing feeling of unease as Sean loses herself within the wolf's mind. Verdict: this genre bending novella is perfect for those readers who love ethical quandaries touched with a bit of science fiction. Though short in length, the story will stick with readers long after they've listened to it. - Erin Cataldi 

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Power

Poignant, powerful, and wonderfully different for a change. For once, women are the power hungry, the dominant, the top of the food chain. Eerily reminiscent of The Handmaid's Tale and other dystopian literature, The Power chronicles the female ascent to the top. Worldwide young girls are discovering that they have the power to release electrical charges, effectively shocking other people, sometimes to death. They also discover that when they shock older women they have the power to waken the dormant abilities. Soon women all over the world have this power and for once the men know fear. Told through multiple perspectives over a ten year span we see a female mayor aspiring to be governor, a young teenage girl with stronger raw power then anyone has ever seen, Mother Eve a prophet of the power, and a journalist, the lone male voice in this book. Together their panic, amazement, and greed tell the tale of how men became the weaker sex and the movement that changed the course of history forever, Wonderfully fresh and inventive. I loved it!

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Second Time Around

When Mallory discovers that she has inherited her grandmother's seaside tourist shop she takes it as a sign to take a leap of faith. The last of her children has flown the coop and marries - and she is eager for a clean slate. Mallory is a designer and the thought of renovating the little shop and apartment above it is exciting and fresh. She decides to sell her beautiful old Victorian and move to Portside to open a home d├ęcor shop and interior design business. It's not all smooth sailing though. A developer wants to buy her out and tear it down to be build a mall AND she's having trouble finding contractors to do the work she needs. Has she bitten off more than she can chew? Along the way she reconnects with childhood friends, a former crush, and re-ignites her passion for design. A perfect inspirational read for lovers of HGTV and Hallmark. 

Monday, March 20, 2023

Redwood and Ponytail

Told in prose - this middle grade novel explores two girls growing feelings for each other. Kate is a prim and perfect cheerleader. She's popular and has her sights set on being cheer captain. Tam is a volleyball star - she has one best friend and but knows everyone. She doles out high fives like it's going out of style. When the two notice each other for the first time they wonder how it was possible they've never met before. A few casual conversations turns into lunch hangouts, texting, and then seeing each other play at games. The two become inseparable. And as they do their friendship starts to deepen into a little more. But is that what they both want? Emotional and wonderful - a great coming of age story about the complications of discovering your true identity. 

My Life as a Potato

This was a laugh out loud fun middle grade read. Ben Hardy is pretty positive that he's been cursed by potatoes. His parents have moved away from the California beach to the potato capital of Idaho. And after a cafeteria game gone wrong Ben discovers that he has to be the new middle school mascot. A spud. The potato curse strikes again. He knows that life will be over as he knows it if any of his new friends find out about his new "job" so he keeps it under wraps. But lying to his friends is hard and who knows when the potato curse will strike again. A quick, funny, read, that also has some fun illustrations. 

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Before the Ever After

Told in prose - this middle grade novel is full of heartbreak and hope. Set in the early 2000s, this novel follows one boy and his fathers worsening CTE (although in this book they don't know what his dad has yet). ZJ has always been proud of his dad, he's a superhero and as far as he's concerned he's the best pro-football player in the world. But lately he's been acting weird. He keeps repeating the same things, getting angry and forgetful; he's losing his old dad. Since his dad's headaches have progressively worsened, he's stopped playing football and he's not practicing with his team. Some days he can't even leave his darkened room. ZJ takes comfort in his three best friends, his mom's strength, and music. Beautiful and captivating. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Light Pirate

I am really starting to get into cli-fi aka climate dystopians! The Light Pirate chronicles the life of a young girl who was born during a horrible, life altering hurricane. Delirious and dying her mother named her after the hurricane itself and Wanda grows up in a world much different than that of her parents. Hurricane seasons get longer and longer  and Florida is barely hanging on. It is slowly reverting back to its swampy ways and the United States is ready to cut its tether to it. Her father is a lineman - one of the people who keeps the power on - but with the near constant hurricanes - how much longer is that even feasible? Wanda's best friend and mentor is a woman who lives down the street and has spent her life preparing for this exact eventuality. Known as a survivalist - if anyone can withstand what is coming it's her. This book felt more real than not and as Venice keeps sinking and the sea level keeps rising - who knows what is in store for Florida during my lifetime. A unique and captivating read!

Friday, March 10, 2023

Tough Titties

Laugh out loud funny - this memoir is a riot. Laura Belgray unabashedly shares her highs and lows in this candid memoir. Advice on how to life your life is always conflicting and always sucks - Laura's memoir, is proof that being that being 100% you is always worth it (even when it sucks). From a sordid two year affair with her salsa instructor to post college "networking" at bars (rather than looking for jobs) to always arriving late at everything - Laura's comedic writing will win readers over with it's candor and hilarity. There is no right way to do anything. We just do the best we can with what God gave us and hope for the best. Despite the cover and sub-title this is not at all a self help book. It's a collection of humorous essays about growing up as a wealthy Jewish woman in New York City and if readers happen to glean some important truths from those stories then more power to them!

Tuesday, March 7, 2023


A gut wrenching memoir about trying to find familial love and acceptance despite a toxic and turbulent upbringing. Often ditched at his "grandparents" house because of his mother's crack addiction, Joey was forced to mature early and make space for himself in a household filled with toxic masculinity, hunger, drugs, and sexual activity. With roaches invading every conceivable space, the fridge nearly always empty, and vitriol being thrown his way; Joseph retreated into the worlds of anime and video games - trying to make sense of his life through their fantasy. Sink is told through a series of poignant vignettes - each more unsettling and upsetting than the next. It's a brutal, violent, deprecating childhood that will shock many listeners, yet nestled within the book there is hope and humor. Joey managed to survive and eventually thrive despite the odds being stacked against him as a poor, young, Black boy in Philadelphia. Narrated beautifully by the author himself - this audiobook may be a painful listen but it's necessary. Sink is fantastically written and eloquent in its despair and dysfunction; a rose amongst the thorns. The language and writing style elevate the story into a memoir that is truly a work of art.  

Friday, March 3, 2023

The End of October

This book reminded me so much of the first part of Stephen King's The Stand. It was riveting! Even though it was very science heavy, I really enjoyed this book. After living through covid - it felt very real and possible. A microbiologist dismisses one of his colleagues findings about an odd virus that played itself out in an internment camp in Indonesia. Henry Parsons decides to make a quick trip out there himself to see what's going on. What he finds instead is a hot zone - a hot zone that will soon cripple the whole world and bring the super powers close to launching all out war. The story follows the spread of the virus and the escalation of war. It gets a little slow towards the end and I had no idea how the book would finish it - but I enjoyed it. Listening to suspenseful music while reading this - definitely help put me on edge!