Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Other Bennet Sister

I'm glad to see Mary Bennet finally get her due! And not any meager scraps; this impressive tome is nearly 500 pages! Broken into 4 parts, the first part to me was the most dull as it dealt with the story that Janeites already know so well; Pride and Prejudice. It tells the story through Mary's eyes and we see how willing she is to take on Mr. Collins, befriend Charlotte Lucas and impress her parents. Once we get past that, we're in all new territory. As the only unmarried daughter, once her father dies she has no permanent address. She must look to her sisters for charity. It's a low point in Mary's life. She is penniless, unmarried, and the ugliest and dullest of her sisters. But finally, her situation changes, and she meets not just one man, but two! They both find her witty, they love her booksmarts, and they don't compare her to her sisters! A little wordy and slow, but very engaging. A must for any Janeite!!

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