Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Pleased to Meet Me

I adored this book. I by no means am a science guru, however I found this book to be delightfully informative, educational, and not too bogged down with details. This is a quick tour of the human body's inner workings for the average laymen. From what are the only two fears humans are born with to why old people use so much perfume to why certain people are attracted to each other to addiction. So many aspects of our personalities and bodies directly correlate to our genes, our parents, our bacteria, and our environment. Straight up fascinating stuff. The author may lose some readers with his section on belief (politics man - but the science is SO COOL) and his section on souls, but hey, the more you know. Personally I loved it. I liked learning about the factors that made me tick. I would never have known! It was straightforward, funny, filled with lots of Star Trek and pop culture references. This book really reminded me of Mary Roach's books (Stiff, Gulp, Spook, etc.) and fans of her would definitely enjoy this book as well.

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