Thursday, March 5, 2020


Knocked this out in about two hours. This is such an important book for middle school kids to read. It addresses the fears and challenges of being labeled "other" and is heartfelt and real. Rachel is a seventh grader who likes to play soccer with her friends, dress up, watch girly movies, and have a good time. She's a pretty average kid, that is except for her special doctor appointments twice a year. She has scoliosis and they have to measure her spine and keep an eye on her. No big deal. But one visit the summer before school starts, it becomes a very big deal. Her back is getting worse and the doctor says she has to wear a brace. For 23 hours a day. How will she be able to stay on the soccer team? What clothes can she wear? How will she ever talk to her crush or go to school? She gets made fun of, struggles with soccer, and doesn't feel like her mom is listening to her. Clearly it's not smooth sailing but with the help of her pregnant mother, her dad, and her friends she learns how to adjust and how to make the best of an unfortunate situation. All kids should have to read this and learn a thing or two about empathy. Great story!

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