Monday, March 30, 2020

Lady Almira and the Real Downton Abbey

A deeper look into one of the mistresses who "ran" Highclere Castle at the turn of the century and through World War I. Instantly recognizable as the setting of Downton Abbey one of the descendants and current occupants recounts some of the lost history of the estate. Lady Almira married the 5th Earl of Carnarvon and with it came the beautiful estate of Highclere. Lady Almira's family was a bit of a scandal BUT she was an heiress so her marrying into the family was a godsend for the estate. She knew how to throw lavish parties and always looked for a challenge. She turned the castle into a hospital during the war and considered it one of the highlights of her life. Her husband was infamous himself, he was the man who financed the King Tut excavation and discovery. A fascinating history that focuses more on the family than the house. There are a lot of parallels from the show to the real story which is cool. There are also TONS of photos which is nice. A must read for fans of Downton Abbey and Edwardian England!

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