Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Girls on the Verge

Camille is 17 and pregnant.  She's supposed to be going to a prestigious theater camp but instead she finds herself jumping through hoops trying to get an abortion. It's 2014 and Texas doesn't make it easy for a woman to get a legal abortion. Camille has met dead ends at every turn and when she tells her best friend Bea what she's going to do her best friend is a dead end too. Like her parents, she's religious and doesn't understand why she won't keep the baby. In desperation she turns to Annabelle an older actor who Camille has idolized for years. Together they decide that they will have to journey down to the Mexican border and try to get the pills that way. This is like Juno on a road trip. Full of humor, levity, seriousness, and friends coming together. A wonderful novel that explores what women are forced to do when all routes to a safe abortion are closed. Perfect for teens and adults. Very powerful without being uber preachy.

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