Thursday, March 12, 2020

The War That Saved My Life

Simply WONDERFUL! The audiobook is sublime and done by a woman with a wonderful English accent who can switch between kids and adult voices seamlessly; it's impressive. This Newbery Award winning middle grade book tells the story of two young kids who are sent to live in the English countryside during the Bombing Blitz of England in WWII. Technically they weren't sent, but they decided to run away. It would be an adventure, why not join the other children leaving? Ada has a twisted foot (club foot) and her mother is so ashamed and disgusted of her that she has never been allowed to leave the apartment or attend school unlike her younger brother. Suddenly, the English countryside is at her disposal. Susan the woman who was forced to take them in, finds herself thawing to the children. They've had a rough life and so has she. Can they survive this war together? A wonderful, compassionate, moving book!

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