Monday, March 9, 2020

The Splendid and the Vile

I love good WWII historical nonfiction and Erik Larson did a WONDERFUL job piecing together a story not just of Churchill, but his family, the people he worked with, and the bombing of Britain. I know there are a ton of books on Churchill, but I've never read them. I've also never really taken the time to learn much about the Bombing of Britain. This book combined so much I didn't know into a wonderful narrative filled with direct quotations, whether it be from diaries or speeches. Even though I clearly know the outcome of the war and know that the Nazi's did not end up invading; it was still fascinating to read about Churchill and how he came into office the day the Hitler invaded Belgium and Holland. The way he led Britain was inspiring and Erik Larson does a wonderful job of writing about how passionate, persuasive (and peculiar) he was. I definitely want to go read more now! Impeccably researched, never dry, and always engaging; this is how non-fiction should be written!

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