Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Revolution in Our Time

Honestly, I went into this book hardly knowing a thing about the Black Panthers other than their image - and I was so grateful to get to learn more about the organization, the leaders, and the beliefs. This nonfiction book may have been written with young adults in mind but it is also perfect for adults who want to learn more. It is accessible, filled with photographs, and encompassing, but not too bogged down with minutia; it was wonderfully written. Everything I thought I knew about the Panthers was either misconstrued, false, or only half right - there was so much more to the organization than I thought! It's really depressing the way that the Panthers have been portrayed in the media, movies, and the textbooks - they were so much more than the negative press. Fascinating stuff and I'm so glad I actually know the big picture now. I would love to read some of the memoirs written by the founding members and leaders!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Chi's Sweet Home Part 4

Another super cute installment to this children's manga series. Chi's Sweet Home follows a kitten as he adjusts to life with his new family. He's learning to be part of a family and also learning how to be a cat. In this fourth installment, he starts to learn about his original family, his mom and kitty siblings, because he has forgotten them. Once they are back in his life though, Chi will have to make some hard choices. Can families be more than blood or are families those we choose? Adorable as always. 

You Should See Me In A Crown

Loved, loved, loved this! Leah Johnson does a fantastic job of bundling hard issues into a fluffy ridiculous event and the result is a readable, heartfelt, and impactful story that isn't too on the nose or too depressing for teens. Liz Lighty is devastated when she finds out she didn't get the expected scholarship to go to college. She doesn't want her grandparents to worry about money so she decides in an act of desperation to enter her high school's prom competition - the winner receives a 10kk scholarship. Liz has always been more of a wallflower - she has her small group of friends - but it's hard being black and queer in Indiana. How on earth will she win that crown?! Humorous, smart, and brave - everyone needs a friend like Liz Lighty - a fantastic teen read about acceptance, courage, staying true to yourself, and doing the right thing in the face of adversity.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Catstronauts: Digital Disaster

Another fun installment of the Castronauts series. In this latest middle grade graphic novel, the catsronauts are invited to stay aboard the luxury galactic hotel as it's first guests. It's more than just fun and games though - they have to make sure that it is safe for the public. Unbeknownst to them they won't be the only "guests" on board, some kittens will be tagging along to get the opinion of the younger generation. On board the galactic luxury hotel there is no staff, only AVA, the AI system that keeps the station running. What would happen if the AI system were to stop working or glitch though? Fun as always.

Dear Black Girl

An inspiring young adult nonfiction novel filled with letters and advice for young Black women. The letters are written from Black women all across the country and address a variety of topics; body positivity, sex, relationships, family, mental health and more. Each letter is meant to inspire and empower. As well as letters, there are writing prompts and educational resources. This book contains love letters to a new generation of women. A perfect gift for any young Black girl. 

Monday, May 9, 2022


Well I finally read this to see what all the hype was about. Verity is a gothic thriller with some smut thrown in for good measure. It's not bad, but it could have been more. I wasn't as wowed by the twist ending as many readers were. When Lowen Ashleigh finds herself hitting rock bottom after her mother's slow death and her fast growing financial ruin, she is courted by a man wanting an author to finish his wife's famous book series after she's been in a debilitating accident. Lowen is in fact a published author and this is an offer she can't refuse, she is currently in the process of getting evicted. She drives out to the house to meet with the husband and go through his wife's office to get a feel for the book series. What she doesn't expect is to find a hidden biographical manuscript and to start falling for her husband. The story alternates between Lowen getting comfy in the house to the hidden manuscript. It's ok - a little on the nose, but fairly fast paced. 

Monday, May 2, 2022

Cat Massage Therapy

A cute manga about a business man who stumbles upon a massage parlor run by cats. At first he is questioning, a cat masseuse?! But soon he is addicted and visits the massage parlor every day after work. Soon he hatches a plan to bring the massage cat (and apprentice kittens) to his corporate office to drum up some more business. It's an overwhelming hit and soon his whole office is addicted and the work vibes have never been better. There isn't much of a story, but it's cute and it makes me want to get a massage from a cat.