Friday, May 22, 2015


Out of all the new adult I've read so far, this one has dealt with the most"grown up" issues, which is impressive when you realize that this book features two high school students. Socially awkward and technology impaired, Sky, convinces her mom to let her attend her senior yea of high school in an actual school. Homeschooled for her entire life, she wants to see what it's like to be surrounded by her peers.  While there she encounters Holder, this sultry hott bad boy and the two have an instant connection. While getting to know him, Sky realizes that he's holding something back. When she finally finds out what it is her life will be shattered. The simple carefree life she had known is blown to bits and she has to discover if she has what it takes to find out the whole truth and pick up the pieces. Dark at times, but still rewarding. The young couples too good to be true romance though will have you hating every male you've ever known though, because none can possibly compete with the romantic and sexual prowess of Holder. Soo far probably my favorite novel in this genre.

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