Thursday, May 7, 2015

Again, Dangerous Visions

I won't lie, I only read several of the short stories in this collection. When I heard that it contained Bradbury and Vonnegut, I knew I had to pick up this bad boy! If I had time I would have read many more of the awesome stories in here, but since I had to get this inter-library loaned I can't renew it (sad panda). I really enjoy that the editor, Harlan Ellison, wrote a nice little introduction about each author and story, it was a nice little touch. The cover art is also trippy and totally cool. This is a volume that I will most definitely have to buy. Ray Bradbury's contribution is a poem entitled, "Christ, Old Student in a New School." It wasn't my favorite of his, but maybe that's because of the format. I'm not a huge poetry buff. Kurt Vonnegut's contribution though, blew my friggin socks off! "The Big Space Fuck" is amazing, it's classic Vonnegut, with dark humor, bad language, satire, and ridiculousness. I loved every second of it! Big fans of his will also get a kick out of some of the characters he uses (Wanda June and John L. Newcomb). Here's just a little taste of the ridiculousness in store for you if you pick it up: "Everything had turned to shit and beer cans and old automobiles and Clorox bottles." Reading this made my night. A must read for Vonnegut and Bradbury fans!!

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