Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Edge of Never

The first of many new adult romances I plan to read this month. Despite the lack of rampant sex that I was anticipating, I still enjoyed this book. It's an impossibly quick read (and it's over 400 pages!) and the romance seems real and fragile. Camryn fed up with her life, decides to hop on a Greyhound bus going anyway away from her life. Andrew, having to face his father's imminent death, decides to hop on a Greyhound so he can prolong the inevitable and use the time to think before he has to face his father in the hospital. Once their paths cross nothing will ever be the same. Lots of build up for a believable romance. Sex is light and not too erotic. The first sex scene doesn't happen til well over the halfway point. Not too shabby.

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