Thursday, May 14, 2015

Beautiful Disaster

So I have conflicting feelings about this book. Part of me didn't mind and got swept up in the romance. The other part of me was aghast at the dysfunctional, unhealthy relationship that the two main characters have. It was over the top and some of the sub plots were wholly unbelievable. Regardless, it was a quick absorbing read.

Abby Abernathy (what a name right?) goes away to college with her best friend, America (ugh these names!) excited to reinvent herself and get away from her shady past (when you finally find out, it's.... kinda ridiculous).? America instantly finds a frat boy to hang all over and it's then that Abby is introduced to frat boy's roommate, Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox. Travis is a huge tattooed covered, fist throwing, hot headed, manwhore, and for some reason starts to fall for Abby. He goes from bagging one or two girls a night to spending all his free time with Abby, America, and frat boy. Yay for double dates! Soon people on campus are talking, has Abby tamed Travis? To Travis' chagrin, Abby insists they're just friends (even though they sleep in the same bed, no sex though because Abby is TOTALLY a virgin.. uh huh), and fawns over a frat guy named Parker. Everyone on campus is confused (as was I), is Abby seeing Travis or Parker? Who does she like better? Why are they competing? CHOOSE ALREADY! Sweet Jesus! As if that wasn't getting on my nerves, Travis is a jealous, over protective jerk that borderlines on abusive. It's a wild, unbelievable read that doesn't have all that much sex. It's meh.

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