Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I was pleasantly surprised by this book, not because it blew me out of the water, but because it seemed to have heart, something that isn't generally present in new adult romance. It was very reminiscent of Stephanie Perkins young adult romance novels, adorable, quirky, and fun. Plus lots of feel good vibes.

The story opens with two young twenty somethings as they wake up naked in bed, hungover and confused. Realizing that they must have one hell of a night, they sheepishly put on their clothes and head their separate ways. Little do they realize that they are also both of the new interns hired at Boomerang, an online dating company. What are the odds that they would both see each other again, and this time as competitors, not as lovers! There are two internships but only one job opening available afterwards. They have to put their sexual chemistry aside and play ball to see who wants the job most. It's cute, funny, and an enjoyably easy read.

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