Thursday, May 21, 2015

This Is How You Lose Her

I know this book was released to much critical acclaim and the author is wildly popular so it was a no brainer that I would eventually have to read this book. I read a review somewhere that the audiobook was amazing and narrated by the author so I decided to give it a go. I am soo glad that I did. I didn't bother reading the description, I just figured I'd plunge in and figure out the contents as I listened. The book follows Yunior and the romances, break ups, aand heartbreak  that surround him, his fmily, and his friends Filled with cheating, lies, true love, and family drama the stories all weave together, told in slang, Spanish, and brute honesty. Author, Junot Diaz's narration of his wonderfully crafted story is perfect. I think one of the main reasons I enjoyed this book soo much is because he brought it to life with the lyrical quality of his voice and prose. I also would have butchered the Spanish and the names had I read it to myself. Although not "uplifting" it is an explorative look into factors that can end a relationship and is a must read.

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