Sunday, May 3, 2015

Evil Librarian

I had really high expectations from this book because it sounded soo damn good, but I was sadly under impressed. Granted this is coming from an adult stand point, not a teen one, I think a lot of female teens would dig this book, but it doesn't really translate well for adult audiences, which is fine because it's not intended for adults anyways. The premise of the book is that a hot young librarian starts at Cyn's (Cynthia) high school and all hell breaks loose (literally) she soon discovers that the librarian is an evil demon intent on sucking the life force out of students, but most disturbingly, the librarian has taken a huge fascination with Cyn's best friend Annie. Cyn has to figure out a way to stop the evil librarian, save her best friend, find someone that believe's her, stop drooling over her crush, AND make sure the school's musical production of Sweeny Todd goes off without a hitch. How will she ever survive? It's perfect for teenagers obsessed with dark humor, musicals, and fantasy. Like I said, it fell a little flat for me, but I have no doubt that teenagers will eat this up.

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