Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Space Between Worlds

Wow - the amount of precision and craft put into this worldbuilding novel is impressive. Cara is a traverser or a world jumper. She lives on Earth 0 where the world's smartest man has figured out that there are 382 parallel worlds and he knows how to access them all. The only catch is the world will kill you and spit you back out if a version of you is still alive on that version of Earth. That's what makes Cara so special - in all the worlds she's had tough upbringings - and in most of them she's already dead. That means she can travel to all but 8 of them - collecting information from data ports to send back to her boss. But when something unexpected happens she begins to distrust the entire organization. Is she just a carrier pigeon to them? Is their something else going on that she isn't aware of. Honestly the scope of this novel is stunning - I wish it were part of a series instead of a standalone!

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