Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Nickel Boys

This book really packed a punch in a short amount of pages. When bodies are found at an old reform school - it takes Elwood back to his youth. Back to the Jim Crow era reform school (The Nickel Academy) in Florida that still gives him nightmares. From the racist staff, the hard manual labor, the merciless beatings, and the utter lack of hope it's something he's actively not thought about in decades. But when his old school makes national news for an unmarked graveyard filled with dead kids - Elwood knows he has to speak. Maybe after all these years he's finally found his voice. Alternating between his youth at the Nickel Academy and decades later when he's a successful businessman in New York; this story of race, redemption, hate, and hope will stick with readers long after the final page has turned.

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