Monday, August 31, 2020

No Rules

1971 - Free love reigns and hippies are the center of the counterculture movement. Sixteen year old Sharon Dukett had enough of her parents and the rules and expectations laid out for her (get married and start a family) so she and her older sister move to California and thus begin some of the most formative coming of age experiences for Sharon. Drugs, new lovers, responsibilities (or lack thereof), protests, spiritualism, and travel. This memoir really encompasses what it was like to be a free spirit during the early seventies: communes, acid, feminism, hitchhiking, and so many elements are the norm. It's fascinating to grow up through her eyes as she experiences things that most of us will only ever read about. The level of memory it takes to recall all these stories (I assume the conversations are generalized - no one's memories are that good) is impressive. This memoir spans about two years and kind of has an abrupt ending. It was very enlightening - what a time to be alive!

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