Saturday, August 15, 2020

Peace Talks

Ahhhh!!!! You can't  end with a cliffhanger like that! I mean at least the next book is coming out next month - but still - I wasn't mentally prepared! It was great to listen to James Martsers narrate Harry again - it's been far too long and it was good to see how the ol' gang was doing. Harry has been tasked with making sure that things go smoothly at the upcoming Peace Talks but things get off to a rough start when his brother Thomas is caught after murdering an emissary. Harry knows that there is no way that Thomas could have murdered him - but he doesn't know how he got at the scene of the crime or why he would be the scapegoat. To top it off his grandfather is really pushing the anti-vampire shit and Harry just has too much on his plate to deal and it would be nice if he could ever get some sleep. So many layers of awesome and it ends at such a crucial moment! I need more already! This sated my thirst but not for long!

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