Friday, August 7, 2020

The Country Guesthouse

I was looking for some fluff to listen to and boy was this some fluff. When Hannah Russell comes back early from a work trip to find her fiance in bed with one of her employees - her world comes crashing down. It gets even worse when she discovers that her best friend has unexpectedly died and she now has custody of her 5 year old child with special needs. Talk about a curve-ball. She's trying to bond with Noah so she decides to rent a nice guesthouse in the mountains for a couple weekend so they can learn to love and trust each other. She ends up meeting the owner of the house and his big dog and suddenly the world seems even brighter. They start to fall hard and Hannah will have some tough choices to make on what she wants her future to look like. Do she and Noah have room for Own, his dog, and their beautiful house (who wouldn't?!?). Sappy, predictable, repetitive, and slow. The "twist" at the end was obvious. Perfect for fans of happy fluff with a little bit of spice (a few sex scenes - mildly graphic).

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