Monday, August 3, 2020

The Jane Austen Society

Extremely enjoyable and not just for fans of Jane Austen! A fictional account of the Jane Austen's hometown in the 1940s and the fight to make a memorial and preserve the village's world famous authoress' home before all of her belongings and buildings associated with her were sold. An outspoken young teacher, the village doctor, a poor farmer, a wealthy Hollywood star, and a maid come together to make a society aimed at preserving the legacy of an author they all know in love. In the process friendships are formed and romance may be on the verge of blooming for the romantics at heart. All the characters are flawed, yet take solace in Jane Austen's words, never realizing that in instances - their actions mirror those of their favorite characters. They all delight in living in the very place that she too wrote the books which they so love. Wonderful, fun, and chock full of history and romance.

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