Monday, August 10, 2020

Plain Fame

I liked this a lot - but I liked this the least out of all the Sarah Price Amish books I've read. It seemed so implausible. An Amish woman who is only in New York City on a "layover" gets hit by a limo as she jaywalks to buy a pair of sunglasses. The man in the limo? One of the most famous musicians in the world, Viper. He's a bad boy - but when he looks into Amanda Beiler's eyes as she lays hurt in the street he finds himself wanting to protect her. He becomes enamored with her - staying by her side in the hospital and giving her gifts. He even makes sure her family (who has no phone) is notified. Amanda finds herself getting a little ferhoodled with this strange Englischer but she knows that will do her no good, he's not Amish. Wanting to take a little break from the spotlight he accompanies Amanda back to Pennsylvania and spends a week on her parent's farm helping her father and getting to know the Amish lifestyle. What could possibly go wrong?! Good but... unbelievable. I may continue the series.

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