Monday, August 31, 2020

The Only Good Indians

Four young American Indian men commit a crime, never knowing that the damage they were about to inflect would come back to haunt them. Ten years later the evil they wrought finds them one by one looking to settle the score. The men have moved on and moved apart - two of them no longer live on the reservation and one of them even married a white woman. They have never dwelled on what happened that fateful night - choosing to go about their life in willful ignorance. The Elk Head Woman has never forgotten though; she has bided her time and nothing less than blood and vengeance will settle the score. The Only Good Indians seamlessly merges culture and tradition with anxiety inducing horror. Stephan Graham Jones has been compared to as the Jordan Peele of horror literature and after reading this I am inclined to agree. The audio-book was phenomenal and the narrator chosen was of American Indian descent so he really embodied the characters, their cadences, their culture, and their language. For me this was more of a 4.5 because of the slow build at parts - but the creep and unease it generated was a full 5 stars.

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