Monday, November 18, 2019

The Bromance Book Club

This book was enjoyable albeit highly unrealistic. But hey that's the joys of fiction; reading unrealistic romance, lmao. Major League baseball player, Gavin Scott is living in a motel after his wife kicked him out. All he wants is to get his wife and twin daughters back but is at a loss to do so. Enter a bunch of other pro athletes and all around "bros." They toss Gavin a paperback bodice ripper and tell him to get reading. For years they've had an underground club where they read romance books written for women, by women, to help improve and understand their relationships with their wives, fiances and girlfriends. They take pity on Gavin and let him in their inner circle and Gavin is not ready. He has to read romance?!?! And it's going to somehow save his marriage? Like I said, unbelievable as shit.... but still  amusing, well written, and cute.

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