Monday, November 18, 2019

Find Your Weigh

Shellie Bowdoin uses personal experience as well as research in healthy lifestyles and the Bible to write and craft a new approach to losing weight and keeping it off. A lot of her advice and techniques are things that yo-yo dieters will be familiar with: drink more water, walk more, portion control, forming healthy habits; etc. but her approach and tie in to the Bible helps give it a different, more positive perspective. Not filled with fancy recipes and impossible to follow advice, this guide is easy to adhere to and even comes with a 50 day journal in the back of the book. Bowdoin does an excellent job making weight-loss and healthy lifestyle change seem attainable and achievable and provides ample tie ins to the Bible and to weight-loss studies. A great guide for anyone sick of trendy yo-yo diets and in need of an extra push. Although this book is Christian based, non-religious folks would still be able to glean lots of great advice out of this book. An excellent guide that won't bog you down or defeat you before you even begin your weight-loss journey!

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