Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Secret Ingredient

There were huge chunks where I REALLY got into this book and other moments when I couldn't care less. Having just read Christmas in Evergreen I was ready to give Nancy Naigle another go (I mean I have been on a Hallmark kick lately) and this one wasn't Christmas themed (although with the snow on the cover it could have been holiday themed.... and speaking of the cover - whoever photo-shopped the cake on the cover... shame on you! It's awful!). Kelly and her fiance called it off years ago after he went to Paris to take a baking class and never returned. She fulfilled "their" dream of opening a very successful bakery all on her own and without that dumbass. Seven years later, old feelings return when Andrew comes back home to visit. Maybe they should have tried to make it work. Is it too late now? Things will get even trickier though when they find out their both competing on the same baking show. Do old wounds ever heal. Cheesy as all get out and super predictable. I dd however love all the baking show bits. That was fun and made me VERY HUNGRY while listening to the audiobook!

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