Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Library of Lost Things

Darcy isn't your average high school student, she's a literary genius who can virtually memorize any text she wants. She lives in her books and is never found without a book in her hands or in her purse. Her best friend Marisol has worked on getting her out of her shell a little more, but for Darcy, the plot line of her life isn't nearly as exciting about the ones she's reading about. Her home life is non-existent and she spends more time worrying about her mother than any other 17 year old on the planet. Her mom is a hoarder and Darcy's biggest fear is that the new building manager will find out, kick them out of their home, and CPS will take her away. Marisol and her books provide the only comfort in her life. That is until, she meets Asher. Cute, sincere, and quirky; this book is better than most other "teenage bibliophile" ones I've read. The characters are real, flawed, and great fun. A wonderful story!

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