Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Boys: Omnibus volume one

I've had some friends begging me to read this for months and I'm SO GLAD I finally did! Better late than never because I am all in now! This is a true anti-superhero comic (think Watchmen with more laughs) and centers on a group (the boys) as they take on the "supes" (superheroes) who get out of line and don't care about the casualties. The Butcher, Wee Hughie (Simon Pegg), Mother's Milk, the Female, and the Frenchman are out to kick ass, expose supes and bring justice to the world; all while having a laugh out loud kick ass time. It's hilarious, super raunchy, graphic, and all around insanely awesome. This is definitely a series I will stick to and I can't wait to check out the tv show!

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