Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa

A cute Christmas story that fans of the first Evergreen novel will enjoy. This story centers on two different people, but all the townsfolk are the same. That being said you don't have to read or watch the first one to get what's happening in this one. Lisa has nowhere to go for Christmas and her parents are overseas so she decides to revisit her favorite childhood home, Evergreen. She hasn't been there in two years but it is just as magical as she remembered it. When she arrives she notices that Daisy's Country Store has been shuttered and is in disarray. The mayor informs her that the bank is going to seize it if it doesn't sell by Christmas so Lisa decides that she is going to enlist the town people to help save the store that held so many childhood memories for her. She gets Kevin, a hunky contractor, to help her fix the damage while she works on decorating it for buyers. Soon sparks are flying, maybe Lisa can spend more than Christmas in Evergreen? Full of "misunderstandings," romance, small town charm, and holiday cheer this light hearted Hallmark audiobook is perfect for fans of cozy, inspirational, romance.

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