Sunday, November 10, 2019

Petal Plucker

I loved the concept of this and got a huge kick out of all the flower puns. What's not to love about florist erotica? My only beef with it, is the same beef I have with nearly all erotica. So much of it is so damn unbelievable. A 26 year old virgin has the most orgasmic sex of her life and is suddenly the most horny sex goddess in the world! She picks up on everything INSTANTLY! Other than that, I didn't hate the plot. A cute, quirky girl who runs her parent's flower shop runs into the boy who stood her up for prom and now he's working at his parent's RIVAL FLOWER SHOP! Duh duh duh. Obviously sparks fly! She loses her virginity! She makes beautiful flower arrangements! Her judgmental cat decides she likes him! There is a misunderstanding! All the usual tropes, with more humor and candor than most. I think I'm just cynical; there wasn't really anything wrong with this erotica; maybe I just need to take a breather and go back to true crime for a while.

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