Monday, October 5, 2020

Winter Counts

I love reading indigenous voices and Winter Counts is no exception. Set on a reservation it shows just how far one man will go to keep his nephew and his community safe. Known to most in his community as a local hired thug (he deals out justice when the system fails) - Virgil Wounded Horse is sought out by a local official -because someone is bringing heroin on to the reservation and it needs to stop. Virgil isn't interested - how can anyone be certain who is responsible? But all that changes when his fourteen year old nephew overdoses and barely survives. Suddenly Virgil is VERY interested in making someone pay - even if he's not sure who. Gritty, suspenseful, and at times a little underwhelming. I really enjoyed all the characters and the atmosphere - but I feel like the whole mystery aspect could have been better developed. I will definitely read more from this author!

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