Monday, October 19, 2020

Lupe Wong Won't Dance

Charming, uplifting, and unique - this middle grade novel is a tour de force. Lupe Wong is willing to do whatever it takes to get straight A's so she can meet her baseball hero, Fu Li Hernandez. Like Lupe Fu Li is Mexicanese/Chinacan and since her father's death there has been a hole in her life and she is convinced that if she meets Fu Li it will somehow make her closer to her father. The only thing standing in her way is... square dancing. PE was supposed to be her easy A - but when she finds out that she will be required to dance and dance with a boy - she vows to do all in her power to stop it. What starts as merely a crusade against dancing turns into a crusade for cultural identity, friendship, and speaking up for what you believe in. I may or may not have teared up a few times as well. This story is warm, wholesome, and filled with the greatest characters and life lessons. I loved this book with my whole heart! 

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