Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Well Played

Charming, cute, and the perfect follow up to Well Met. In the first installment the author focuses Emily and her budding romance with Simon - in Well Played we finally get to see more of Stacey, the wild and fun best friend of Emily. Emily is bleach blond, flirty, fun and full of insecurities. She's stuck in a rut but she doesn't want anyone to know it. When she finds out that Emily and Simon are engaged she realizes that she needs a change. She can't live over her parent's garage forever. One night she drunkenly messages Dex - the sexy kilted man she slept with at the renaissance faire last summer and to her surprise he responds. What follows is 11 months of emails and texts as they get to know each other for real and start to fall head over heels. Only there is one big secret and when they meet up at the Willow Creek Renaissance Faire next summer their long distance romance may implode. Cute, charming, and fun - a few steamy scenes for those who are into it. I really hope there is another installment in this series focusing on April!

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