Monday, October 19, 2020

The Lucky One

Pretty typical Nicholas Sparks romance - I am glad I did not see the movie first because when I finished the book I looked up the trailer and I did not love the casting. I would have been sad if I read the book with those actors in mind. While serving overseas after 9/11 - Logan uncovers a laminated picture of a beautiful girl. He keeps it on him and suddenly his luck starts changing. He starts winning at card games - he makes it through numerous battles that his military brethren don't. He stays alive over there BECAUSE of that picture. When he makes it back stateside he is determined to find the woman in the photo. All he has is some geographical markers in the photo and her initials, but that doesn't deter him. He walks from Colorado to the East coast with his dog - to clear his mind and to escape his demons. He doesn't expect that he'll actually find her, but when he does he is blown away by her beauty and charm. He even starts falling for her little boy too. What he doesn't take into consideration is her conniving ex-husband. How can he get her to trust him and how on earth can he ever tell her the truth? Cute, sappy, and a little over the top. Memorable characters make it a fun read.

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