Thursday, October 1, 2020

Tools of Engagement

Tools of Engagement wraps up the Hot and Hammered trilogy and it might be my favorite? I like the sexy cowboy the most out of all the men in the series. He's the youngest (only 23) - but he also has the most responsibility of all the men in this series. The only reason he came to Port Jefferson was because his half sister asked him to take care of her five year old daughter while she ran around the country. Taking care of a young kid is not what he envisioned with his life but he is smitten with his niece. He quickly finds a job in construction (where he meets Bethany) and is able to provide a stable environment for the little girl in his care. Bethany is sick of her brother's shit - she wants to do more than staging houses - she wants to flip one. Stephen laughs her off and she throws down the gauntlet - she's going to do her own flip and she steals one his best employees, Wes (the sexy cowboy). Wes and Bethany have amazing sexual tension but they "can't stand each other" - basically they are idiots and it's only a matter of time before the two fall into bed and into love with each other. Cute, steamy, and completely unbelievable. Great fluff! 

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