Thursday, October 8, 2020

Clown in a Cornfield

This books is 80's slasher nostalgia. It reads as if it's a horror movie: lots of gore - light on story. Quinn Maybrook and her father have moved from Philly to the middle of a cornfield. Quinn is used the bustle of the city and now she has to listen to the rustle of the cornstalks in her new midwestern town. She and her dad just want a fresh start after the tragic death of her mother - but it seems like even that is too much to ask for. She quickly falls in with the wrong crowd and is convinced to go to a party in - you guessed it - a cornfield. Things start off promising: screwdrivers, good music, dancing - but suddenly the town's mascot (a clown named Frendo) - is outside killing people with a crossbow. How is this real life and why is it after the high school students?! Quinn's only hope is to make it out of the cornfield without a clown right behind her. She's definitely not in Philly anymore. Creepy and very bloody - I would love to see a movie version of this. 

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