Monday, October 12, 2020

The Amish Cookie Club

A multi-layered story but the main thread woven throughout is that you shouldn't believe everything you hear. Four Amish mothers get together every Friday to make cookies for the Sunday services and to lean on each other for support and friendship. When Verna tells her friends about her strong willed daughter getting fired from yet another job the friends offer not only their support but come up with a job opportunity for hard headed Myrna. In a neighboring church district there is a young widower with three children and a baby; struggling and in need of help. Myrna is dispatched to help out, but she is convinced that she is being set up and groomed to be a replacement wife. She is pleasantly surprised when she finds herself falling for the kids and is pleased that for once her hard work is appreciated. But when a rumor starts floating around about the reasons behind his wife's death (refusing treatment for breast cancer) the four friends in the Amish cookie club start to have doubts about this widower's character and their judgements start to rub off on Myrna. A story of second chances and a reminder that gossip does more harm than good. Sweet and wonderful. I can't wait to read the rest in this series!

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