Thursday, October 1, 2020

Regarding the Fountain

I haven't read this bad boys is years, but once I cracked open the first page it all came rushing back! The illustrations, the letters, the punny names, and the town scandal. It all holds up! The story is told through memos, postcards, letters, newspaper clippings, and various other correspondence - it's really unique! Dry Creek Middle School is in need of a new fountain so the principal reaches out to Flowing Waters Fountains to commission a new one - what he didn't bank on was the exuberant nature of the fountain designer - the book chronicles her correspondence not only with the principal but with a 5th grade class as well. They submit ideas for what they want the fountain to look like and in the process get a fun new pen pal. As the students research their town's history they also start to uncover some weird things - why did the water disappear 30 years ago on the exact same day that the middle school opened? Why is the water fountain always leaking? Super fun!

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