Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hood Tales

This book was slightly ridiculous in the best way possible. Just like the title promises this book contains some hood tales, more specifically gangsta versions on Cinderella and Robin Hood. It's full of steamy sex scenes, drugs, money, strippers, players, men with gold hearts (and chains). In Maid for You, Ava Dunning goes out for a night on the town, all dressed up, wig on, with sexy red thigh high boots. When shots are fired at the club she is wrenched away from Prince Charming and loses a boot in the process. How will this charming young drug lord ever find her?!?! Robin the Hood is about double crosses, murder, and robbery. High stakes all around. It's 90% erotica, 10% plot, and 100% fun You get lines like, " She was so wet that, mixed with her loud moans, there was a sound similar to a big pot of macaroni and cheese being stirred." Seriously read this. I really hope there are more volumes. These bitches are bad ass!

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