Wednesday, December 20, 2017


I tried really hard to love this book, but the slow build up and unreliable narrator finally did me in, I enjoyed this book, but probably won't read it again. This is a chick lit suspense novel (think Girl on the Train or Gone Girl) without as many jaw dropping surprises. Abby Williams left her small Indiana hometown without a backward glance, fleeing to Chicago to become a lawyer. When a potential water crisis brings her back to the place she grew up she has more questions then ever. Whatever happened to the Queen Bee, Kaycee? Why is Optimal so involved with this small town, are they trying to buy people's love so that they can get away with slowly poisoning the water? Is the game they played in high school still continuing? Abby keeps digging but everything keeps bringing her back in time. The answers may cost her everything and be darker than she ever imagined but she can't walk away. For a debut author and celebrity actor, this book is really well crafted and written, it just wasn't my style.

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