Friday, December 22, 2017

City of Saints and Thieves

For a teen novel this was very mature, fast paced, and dark. I loved it. There are gangs, rapes, violent militias, thieving, and murder mysteries wrapped up in this quick moving plot. Tiny has lived on the streets of Kenya since her mother was murdered several years prior. She placed her younger sister in a convent school and quickly learned how to survive in the underbelly of their corrupt city. She's a master pick pocketer, great at daring escapes, and impossible entries, she's one of the few girls in the gang who isn't forced to "work the street." Everything comes crashing to a halt though when the biggest breaking and entering job of her career goes wrong. While trying to get information of a hard drive she is caught by the owner's son and loose threads from her childhood and her mother's murder are brought to light. She must work with him if she wants to find the truth. The corruption and questions take them into the remote Congo and they've never been in more danger then they are now. It definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat and gives a good background for many troubles facing Africa. A great read!

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