Monday, December 4, 2017

The Pearl Thief

The narrator made this book even more exciting for me, I LOVE foreign accents especially when they're Scottish! I'm also a huge fan of Wein's two other young adult novels, so I knew I would enjoy this book. Unlike her previous two novels, this one is not set during World War II, it is set in the Scottish Highlands in 1938. Sixteen year old Julie has come back from boarding school to assist her family in clearing out their ancestral estate. After a lengthy bout with cancer, her grandfather had died and bankrupt his family with medical expenses. The giant manor will be turned into a boarding school and Julie gets one more summer to explore and experience the estate. While there she suffers a perplexing head injury which she has no recollection of, a man is found murdered, and she befriends a group of traveling gypsies. It's wonderfully written and I loved the archaeological aspects of it as well as the character development. All around wonderful!

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