Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Going Over Home

Fans of genealogy, time travel, and romance will eat up this quick read. Maddox never thought her life was strange until she started comparing herself to their neighbors; their families had grandparents, didn't toil all day in the garden and kitchen, and had electronics in the house. At first she didn't pay it any mind but when she was digging around in the crawlspace she found an old family Bible and her birth date wasn't listed as 1990, instead it was 1820. At first she thinks it is a mistake, but the more she thinks about it, it all adds up. When she goes to college she discovers that her roommate Olive is actually a descendant of hers. That means that she has to figure out a way to go back in time and marry a man name Henry or she'll end up killing off all her descendants! With a lot of sleuthing she finally is able to find the portal that can take her back in time to where her grandmother and future husband live, but will she be able to make the sacrifice? No more cars, TV, fast food or air conditioning, and what about her parents and sisters?!?! She has to make her mind up quick, but it is anything but an easy decision. Perfect for teens and adult, and chock full of great Indiana history.

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