Saturday, December 16, 2017


This book went from crazy to bizarre in no time flat. It was well written but it seemed that it was written for adults instead of it's younger intended audience. A seven foot giantess is having a hard time fitting into her school. Literally and physically. They even had to have a second bathroom built for her after she broke two normal sized toilets. One day she starts to have visions of calamities that will befall her small town. One by one they start to come true but they come with a cost, she is suspended from school, feared by most, and disdained by her mother. There are a few side stories that don't mesh well with the plot or seemingly have anything to do with it. There is her favorite author, an older ex-convict she befriends, and the random disappearance of her brother. This story has charm but it's all over the map for me. The end was also a little startling.

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