Friday, December 29, 2017

The Hidden Memory of Objects

A rich and complex teen novel that seamlessly combines American history, teenage angst, grief over losing loved ones, romance, a teensy bit of mystery, and a touch of the supernatural. After her brother is found dead with drugs in his system, Megan is left with a lot of questions. How could this happen?!?! Her brother didn't even drink. She has to get to the bottom of it, she's not going to let her brother's name get slandered. A curious ability developed after his death is helping her investigate. When she picks up certain objects she can see visions or memories associated with it. Armed with her new ability and two male friends, she sets off to get to the bottom, and in the process finds her wrapped up in a Abraham Lincoln conspiracy. It seems random and jumbled, but trust me, it just works. A fun and unique story.

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