Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Hobbit

I'm glad to say that I enjoyed re-reading this book as much as I enjoyed reading it for the first time when I was in fifth grade (I believe this is the fourth time I've read it).

Personally, I always enjoyed this tale more than the Lord of the Ring's series because it was more straightforward, easier to understand, and much, much shorter.

This story tells the tale of a young hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who is cajoled into going on an adventure with thirteen dwarves and a wizard as they try and reclaim the Lonely Mountain from a treacherous old dragon named Smaug. Along the way they have to battle off goblins, elves, trolls,giant spiders, and suffer through fantastically cruel landscapes just to get to the mountain. Along the way, Bilbo learns a great deal about himself and and the world around him and is drastically changed for the better. This is a fantastic adventure story for the young and old alike, it is a timeless tale, of bravery, hardships, and friendship and is a must read for all.

The Mighty Boosh: The Complete BBC Radio Series

Just as ridiculous and zany as their tv show; this radio series set the ground work for their first season on BBC, the songs and script are all virtually the same. Listening to it made me really nostalgic for the show and I believe a re-watch is in order. Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding are probably my favorite British comedians but they're not for everyone, if you don't like ridiculous over the top humor then go elsewhere, but then you'd be missing out. A weird zoo, ping pong playing apes, awful jazz, witchcraft, and more, this odd upbeat collection is sure to put a smile on your face.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The End of Your Life Book Club

A moving memoir about a two person book club that is formed when a son's mother is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. To pass the time during chemo they form a bond reading literary novels both modern and classic, the novels help open up discussion about his mom's childhood, spirituality, world issues, and more. Inspiring and sure to give readers a longer reading list, this book will remind you to have those talks with loved ones, treat others with respect, and make the world a better place. Told from the son's perspective, he is candid and honest about his relationship with his mother, his fears, and overprotectiveness. His mother was a very awe inspiring person who led a rich life helping those less fortunate than herself and her son does a great job keeping her memory alive with this memoir.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ms. Marvel: Super Famous

The 5th installment in the highly acclaimed Ms. Marvel series did not disappoint. Kamala Kahn has finally become an avenger and couldn't be more excited. Well she could be, if she had time to be excited. She's struggling to balance her home life, her school life, and her superhero life. She's practically sleepwalking through everything. When she discovers that her best friend has a girlfriend she is upset, her's her boy!Trying to juggle everything is proving nearly impossible so she makes some clones to help her get through the day, only problem is they keep replicating! Now she's in more trouble than ever. Another fun installment.


Definitely an eye opening and informative book. I'll admit that I knew next to nothing about the band's actual history. I've listened to all the studio albums (and many live ones), seen them live once and read JAMerica; which is all I knew about them before I read this. Written for the laymen and the curious this book tracked their beginning, their rise, their breakup and eventual reunion in 2009. Written through the adoring eyes of a fan, it still remains honest and critical about many moments in the band's career. Reading this definitely makes me appreciate the creative process behind Phish's songs and makes me like them even more. I'm sad I came on the scene late, but better late than never.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Sunlight Pilgrims

It's 2020 and the world is entering another ice age. In Scotland there is a small caravan park in the mountains preparing itself for the coldest winter anyone has ever seen in their lifetimes. Dylan lost his mother, his grandmother, and the family movie theater in London. The only place he has to go is a small caravan he had no idea even existed, thankfully his mother had the foresight to buy it in cash before her death. Armed only with a suitcase Dylan arrives in the cold, godforsaken, but oddly beautiful park. He is immediately smitten with the young mother next door and her ridiculously cool daughter. Constance and her daughter Stella, are immediately smitten with their new neighbor Dylan, enjoying his tall stature, beard, tattoos, and London stories. They slowly start to invite him into their lives where he discovers that Stella is in the process from transitioning from a boy to a girl and Constance is looked down upon because for years she's always had two lovers. Can this odd trio band together and survive the coming subzero temperatures? Cute, quirky, and honest, this book had me hooked from the beginning. Personally I had a crush on Dylan and would love to have shared his caravan with him. Stella was a breath of fresh air and is wonderfully developed as is her mom who is imperfectly perfect. A fantastic read!

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in return for my honest, unbiased review.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I won't lie this wasn't my favorite of Ray Bradbury's but it did hold some charm for me. It definitely reminded me of "The Halloween Tree" which I enjoyed, but it was a tad slow moving in places. A carnival comes to a small town and Jim Nightshade and his friend Will, realize that something isn't right with the carnival folks, something seems evil. While snooping on the carnival they get caught and fear for their lives, they must find a way to stop the carnies or lose their lives. Definitely creepy and wonderfully written. I must admit, I am looking forward to seeing how well the movie aligns with the book.