Monday, February 19, 2018

Lincoln in the Bardo

I wanted to like this one more, I really did. I toughed it out but I didn't love it. The story line is complex and chaotic, the audio book having over 160 narrators, which lends to some confusion. The cast is great and comprises of Nick Offerman, David Sedaris, the author and many other notables but it gets so muddled down at parts. I kept finding my attention wandering. Lincoln in the Bardo takes place on a single night (although to me it felt like weeks) in a graveyard. The Civil War is just kicking off but Abe Lincoln has more on his mind then that. His eleven year old son, Willy has died and is being laid to rest. Willy stuck stuck between life and beyond must contend with ghosts and spirits warring over his soul and trying to influence his father in the land of the living. Along with the dialogue from the spirits is a historical tract that follows the Lincolns in their hour of despair. I really really wish I would have loved this. Such a neat concept and great cast of narrators on the audiobook.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Saga of the Swamp Thing

I'm a sucker for Alan Moore so I figured it was high time I got around to reading this. Also, I've never read any Swamp Thing, so I was overdue in checking this out. I very much enjoyed this collection! This volume contains issues 20 through 27 and first debuted in the eighties. Not only is the writing stellar but the illustrations speak for themselves. Swamp Thing is breathtakingly haunting and watching him battle for his humanity sucks the reader right in. When Swamp Thing discovers his origins and realizes he may not be who he thought he was, he essentially gives up and it takes some crazy circumstances to motivate him from his earthly slumber. I'll definitely be reading more after this. I'm hooked!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Fire and Fury

Trying to sum up my feelings on this trainwreck is hard. I'm glad I read it, it certainly helped me understand how the White House is being run and what actual "roles" all the key players have (or rather had). It's honestly pretty terrifying. I actually hoped that this whole book was false because otherwise.... we have a certifiable quack as our president (which again... I know. I know we do.). After I finished reading this I wanted to know what was "facts" and what was "fake news" so I went to Politfact to get the skinny ( Basically... only minor things are wrong and those are mostly misspellings, a wrong date or two, and other very minor details. The rest seems to hold up. And by God it rings true. So my worst fears are confirmed. Fire and Fury is a terrifying glimpse into our government and it reads stranger than fiction. It was fascinating and I couldn't put it down, but at the core it's really scary. Worth a read and a fact check.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Dear Martin

LOVED THIS! So very timely! Fans of "The Hate U Give" and other Black Lives Matter young adult books will eat this up. Dear Martin examines, race, inequality, privilege, stereotypes, standing up for  yourself, and double standards. I could not stop listening to this audio-book, it was only four discs long and I was riveted. I had to know what happened, I got emotionally invested in this story. Justice attends a fancy private school in Atlanta and is one of the few black kids there. He's on the debate team, well liked, and dating the hottest girl in school but after he is wrongfully arrested while trying to help his girlfriend he can't stop seeing the disparities around him. The racial inequality, the snide remarks, the higher arrest rates, the differences in income, how has he never noticed all this before? Justice struggles to make sense of everything when another tragedy strikes, one that nearly breaks him. A wonderful read that challenges the listener (or reader) to really think about how far we have to go. Required reading.


It's been ages since I've seen the movie and I've never read this particular James Bond book so I thought I would give it a go. I'll admit, I've liked this Bond novel more than I have some others. It's your typical super cool British spy who gets all the ladies and solves all the mysteries while looking bad-ass type novel and I love it. This novel is six decades old and James Bond is STILL a bad-ass. In this particular novel he is sent to oversee the construction of a large warhead, the Moonraker, after some troubling incidents occur. There is gambling, skinny-dipping, car chases, German scientists, and much more. Lots of fun and worth a listen as it's narrated by Bill Nighy.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


LOVED this! A wacky out of control collection of comics about a witch and her weird anthropomorphic friends. Basically all they do is drink, get stoned, pick on their weird alcoholic owl friend, go to parties, watch TV (they secretly love iCarly), deal with depression, and do weird sex stuff. It's off the wall weird and I love the characters. Werewolf Jones is the life of the party, Owl just wants his friends to like him sober and not get made fun of so much, Megg just wants to smoke and find a way to battle her depression, and Mogg is the most stoned and horny cat you've ever seen. Whimsically drawn and filled in with watercolor, this comic series doesn't take it's self seriously and is bizarrely hilarious.

Fifty Shades Freed

Sweet baby Jesus it's over. I finished the damned trilogy. Many people assured me that this was their favorite one because it had the most action. Hell, the most action was still the sex scenes! There is a "minor" kidnapping drama that is solved in about ten pages, but other than that it's ALL BONING! Rubbing uglies. Naked dancing. Bam-bam in the ham. Knocking boots. Making whoopee. Riding the Bony Express. Hanky panky. You get the picture. Gobs and gobs of sex. Luckily for Ana married sex is still just as great and they're still finding ways to spice it up. That's right folks, after two books we finally get to ass play!! We learn that Ana has no idea how to clean a butt plug and that Christian expects the cleaning lady to clean his dirty toys.... barf. Ana has also accidentally forgotten to take her monthly birth control shot. Oopsie daisy. Too bad they didn't just stick to butt sex because now she's knocked up. And oh no, Christian is gonna flip, they've only been married for like a minute! Just as she suspects he freaks the fuck out, gets drunk sees his old dominatrix and friendly neighborhood child molester and gives Ana the cold shoulder. Then she gets kidnapped, Christian feels terrible, Ana gets saved, their relationship returns to perfect and they end up happily ever after with a bundle of kids. Psh, yeah right. I can't wait to see how this one plays out in the movies. I'm just glad I finished this trilogy and can finally move on with my life.